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None of the residents of the Magoo Room are available for adoption.  We are a sanctuary, a permanent home for all of the animals we accept.   Young animals adjust to new surroundings, but the older they get, the less easily they adjust.  It is our intention that none of our cats should ever have to adjust to more than an occasional new resident. 

We will accept new animals as time, space, and finances allow.  We do not accept cats who are blind in one eye, as our experience has been that these are very adoptable animals.  Preference is given to older cats.  Generally, we do not choose to take in cats born after 2003 unless they have other problems that indicate they will not have a normal life span.  The reason for this is because every life is finite we do not want to have any special needs cats that survive us.  Losing a cat is a difficult thing, but at least people can understand.  Cats losing an owner cannot understand and grieve deeply.   We canít do that to our little ones. 

If you have an animal you would like to place with us, email us at bmiller@themagooroom.org.    

If we are full and cannot take in your blind cat, consider contacting Jennifer Funk from Turtle Point, PA  at 814-642-2242.  She is a young mother of 2 who has four blind cats, among other animals, and would like to SLOWLY increase the number of blind cats that she has.  As of July 2010 she has not yet become a 501 (c) 3 charity, nor does she have a website. Since I  have not met her nor seen her home, I cannot give her a wholehearted endorsement, so please satisfy yourself as to her qualifications.   From talking to her, I have concluded that Jennifer has a kind, generous heart and may be a good resource.  I was delighted to find another person with a soft spot for blind kitties!