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BABY GIRL, half-sister of Little Bit, is one of the more unusual cats in the Magoo Room.  She has autistic-type tendencies and spins in a tight circle when she is stressed in any way, bad or good, (like when her favorite canned food is served.)  As she walks her head rotates, from side to side with her chin down, as if she is paying close attention to hear, first with one ear, then the next.  For the first several months after coming to us, Baby Girl stayed inside the frame of the box spring to a bed in the Magoo Room.  She came out at night to eat, drink, and use the litter box, but we almost never saw her.  I would wiggle under the bed to pet her, but she was not easily won over.  Finally she began to trust me, and no longer runs when I enter the room.  She is even allowing strangers to see her.  Baby Girl loves to be petted and have her chin scratched.  She will sit in my lap as long as I am willing to adore her, and comes running for affection whenever I call her, or any of the other cats.   Her favorite place to be is in one of the highchairs.  I think there is a lot more we will learn about this gal as time goes by.  Patience and lack of bad stress are the keys in dealing with this little one.  Baby Girl is currently being treated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with medication three times a week.