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Once in a while a rescue comes along to which you just canít say no.  In our case this was BELLA.  Bella comes from Italy, having been brought to the U.S. by a serviceperson.  When a baby entered the family, Bella did not react well to having a toddler approach her without some warning.  You see, Bella is deaf.  Just deaf, not blind.  Bella was given up for adoption and was brought home by a family with a dog, and that did not work out either.  When we first found Bella, she was listed on Petfinder, at a shelter not far from where we live.  Over a long period of time, while searching Petfinder for blind cats, I kept seeing Bella listed in the special needs section.  Finally, I could resist no longer, and called to see if Bella was in a foster home.  No, she had been in a cage for almost two years!  I could not stand the thought, and within a week we brought Bella home with us.  Now, for a long time we called her Bella the Bitch, because she complained so much.  After two years in a cage, I would complain too!  Bella has no volume controlóonly loud.  She didnít want anyone to touch her, or to have other cats near her.  Bella wanted to be HIGH up on the supplies cabinet so no cat could approach her.  With time and patience, Bella has calmed down considerably.  We do not touch her unless she sees or feels us coming towards her first.  She loves treats of cheese and is finally relaxing some.  Bella is one of the first to belly up to the breakfast bowls of canned food and allows other cats to stand near her although she wonít share nicely.  Thatís okay, Bella.  We have a long time to love and care for you.


Bella taking a cat nap.  How peaceful she is! Bella observing the Magoo Room from her perch.