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On 2/26/09 we brought BUFFY home from a wonderful facility in Richmond, VA.  Buffy is six years old and had been owned by two previous families, each of whom surrendered her voluntarily.  A gorgeous buff-colored long-haired cat, Buffy is a hefty 22 pounds!  She suffers from retinal degeneration, according to a vet who examined her eyes a year ago.  At that time it was thought she still had some vision, but would lose first her night vision, then her day vision.  Buffy seems to be quite sweet, and is making a good quick adjustment to her new surroundings.  We have hopes that when she learns to go in and out of the pet door, she will get a bit more exercise, and lose some weight.  Then she will no longer be called Buffy, the Buffalo!


Buffy lounging in the courtyard. Buffy saying "Hello!"

Buffy posing for the camera.  What a pretty girl!