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Living with a Blind Cat




CJ, a gorgeous 7-year-old cream point Himalayan, came to us from a long- term foster home in MD, in August 2004.  He came to us as a blind cat, but after only a day of watching him, we knew he was also deaf.  CJ has chronic rhinitis, probably from a herpes infection, so he can hardly smell anything either. CJ is the highest maintenance cat we have.  He does not like to be brushed, so he needs to be shaved down several times a year, as his furr is very long and matts easily.  He also splashes in his water dish and soaks his feet and the floor, and leaves footprints all over the room.  Then he goes in the litter box and get clumps of litter on the bottom of his feet.  He gets a foot bath regularly because we are concerned that he might get sores under the litter clumps.  CJ is a sweet boy who lives in a quiet dark world of his own.  We can keep him safe and fed, but are challenged as to how to give him quality life.  CJ seems to sense excitement in the air when the morning canned food is served, and he is in the group surrounding my ankles while I am dishing up.  If I leave the screen door open, CJ will venture out onto the deck to munch on a catnip plant.  He has learned to come in the cat door, but does not go out.  Recently, foster kitties have cuddled up to CJ for a nap, which I think he enjoys for the closeness.  CJ startles easily, but quickly settles into a deep purr when he is stroked.  He likes to sleep in cubbyhole- type places and loves a fluffy towel for bedding.   We may have to settle for just “safe and loved” for this vulnerable beauty. 


CJ succumbed to renal failure and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early March 2006. 

He will be missed.




CJ enjoying the courtyard before his "lion" haircut. CJ and Oracle chillin' out in the Magoo Room.

Peepers and CJ taking cat nap together. CJ coming in from the courtyard.
CJ (on the deck) and Bella enjoying the outdoors.