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Life sometimes takes a cruel turn, as it did in the case of D'ARTANGAN.  A North Carolina man lost his mother and sister over Thanksgiving 2009, leaving behind 4 dogs and 12 cats, in Georgia.   A network of caring people are trying to place the animals, and I received a list and description of all pets available for adoption.  D'Artangan appealed to me because he is both blind and geriatric, at age 16.  Before D'Art arrived, I changed my mind and decided to take his 17 year old sighted housemate, Zorky, as well.  If anyone needed help with adoptions, certainly this young man did, as his spouse is allergic and they are unable to personally adopt any of his family's precious furbabies.  So, on 12/13/2009, these two grey babies were delivered to me.  I have promised to love and care for them, as I hope it will ease the grief that lies heavy on this caring young man's heart.  D'Artangan is a sweet old guy, with hyperthyroidism.  He is navigating The Magoo Room well, and unlike many cats who come from loving homes, has not appeared to suffer too greatly from a change of environment.  His appetite is good, and he is a gentle soul who gets along with the other residents.  He takes his medicine very well, and I will try my best to give him peaceful, healthy, pain-free years.

At his last routine blood test the vet identified that D'Art's bone marrow was not making enough red blood cells.  She predicted that he would eventually get very tired and slow, not wanting to eat or walk around.  I kept a close eye on his appetite as that was the best indicator of his health.  He was an old boy, and even when healthy was not very active.  I found that I was carrying him from his favorite place to his next favorite place, but when his appetite took a nosedive, I was sure the time had come.  Joe took him for his last ride to the vet on 8/31/10.  D'Artagnan had a long life so his passing was expected, and I would like to think that his former mom, who loved him for years and years but predeceased D'Art, was waiting for him at The Rainbow Bridge.

D'Artangan's needs were being sponsored by Jonathan Beasley.  Thank you Jonathan!