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Living with a Blind Cat




EMILY came from our own community in early 2006.  At the young age of 10 weeks she was found wandering in a backyard, where she was vulnerable to neighborhood dogs and the cruel winter elements.  Fortunately, she was turned over to us to care for.  Emily had a severe eye infection which has left her with one scarred eye.  The other eye ruptured and needed to be removed.  Like Sugar Plum, Emily has no idea she has what some would consider a handicap.  She runs, jumps, plays, and loves like any other cat.  She is living in the main portion of the house while she is young, so that she gets an extra dose of affection and socializing during her formative time.  An especially endearing trait is that Emily likes to sleep in bed with us, with her body over Barbara’s neck and her lips on Barbara’s lips.  What a darling!



Emily playing with the cat gym. Emily relaxing in the late afternoon sun.

Emily loves to play in or under the rugs in the house.  Peek-a-boo is a favorite game of hers!


Emily looking for her presents under the Christmas tree.