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Our house is in a development of about 20 properties of several acres each.  In 2003, we knocked out one exterior wall of the 16 x 10 office and added an 18 x 24 addition.  We fenced in an 18 x 24 courtyard, with anti-climb netting at the top of the fence, so that the residents of the Magoo Room would be able to exit the house via a pet door and enjoy the sounds and feel of the outdoors.  Barbara is employed at her home office, so she is able to spend many hours a day in the Magoo Room.  We have chosen to decorate with primarily infant furniture, as it suits the cats desires to be “up” yet it is easy to clean when we have a new resident and the boys start their “tinkle wars".

The picture gallery below gives you a bird's eye view into The Magoo Room residents' comfy quarters.  Click on a thumbnail picture to enlarge.


A panoramic view of The Magoo Room