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Fletch's Story: 

I do feline rescue, primarily from shelters in NYC. Alerts are sent out by the coordinators at the shelters trying to find placement for cats and Fletcher was on one of them. His age was listed as 12 and that he could not see. I was very hesitant at first to take him, not because of age but because he was blind. I had pulled other older blind cats who could not adjust having lost a home, been at a shelter and then here. Before Fletch, I had recently lost CoCo. I decided to give him a shot because he'd never have a chance to go onto the adoption floor.
Initially I did crate him to watch him, make sure he was eating and to let him get to know me as someone he could trust. I would allow him out and he began to follow my voice and the snapping of my fingers. Before he trusted me, if I petted him on his chest I'd get a lightening fast whack on the hand and he never missed. He never tried to bite. He's also learned his name. When I sit outside I bring him in a KittyWalk carriage because it's large, is covered completely in mess and has a shaded area where he can go if the sun is too warm.

There are time when I allow Fletcher to walk in the grass and it's like watch a baby discover something for the first time. He is so happy to roll around on it and rub his face in it. Fletcher is never left alone and he will walk a few feet but then he turns and meows to find out where I am and comes directly back.

I let him chose the spots he's most comfortable to lay in and put beds there. He likes to lay between a door and wall which is just a security thing.

Fletch has accidents but it's not a big deal. I'm surprised he's come so far in my home. I have him listed for adoption but I doubt I could let him go, ever. He's happy here, has thrived and feels safe so no reason to change that on him. He will be mine as long as I am lucky enough to have him.

Jersey City, NJ