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Into every life a little rain must fall.  It fell on The Magoo Room when we lost FRANKLIN.  We found Franklin, a gray long-haired boy listed on Petfinder, at an SPCA a few counties away.  I rushed down on a Sunday, to meet this wonderfully loving fellow and bring him home.  He had been named Ray, for Ray Charles, but in the car on the way home, the radio played Aretha Franklin singing “Rescue Me” followed by the Beatles singing “So Glad You’re Mine.”  Franklin just seemed to be the appropriate name.  The next week Franklin went to the vet to have his infected eyes looked at.  One eye needed to be removed and the other was in question.  Surgery was scheduled, but did not go as expected.  Whenever he started to come out of the anesthesia, Franklin would bleed from the eyes and nose.  A lovely dedicated vet, Eileen Whitten, brought Franklin home with her along with special meds and got Franklin through the night.  After a few more days he was allowed to come home on antibiotics, but had to be in isolation.  Two weeks of isolation went by and we were finally able to bring Franklin into the main area of the house to get to know him.  What a sweetheart he was!  Three days later we were out doing errands and came home to find Franklin dead under the coffee table, not a mark on him.  The vet said the infection that attacked his eyes probably attacked his heart also.  When I told her of his death, the adoption counselor said, “I hope when I go, I have been surrounded by people who care for me as you cared for Franklin.”  That has helped us, but only a little.  He was a special boy who deserved better.