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We would like to express our appreciation to those individuals who support The Magoo Room through their donations.  Click here to see a list of eBay sellers who help support The Magoo Room with their sales.

Aurelia Alcazar

Klaus & Yvette Langemann

Linda Mayne

Christopher Ciancio as a gift to Jennifer Eissing

Danielle Letarte

Laura Bivins

Jacalyn Easterling

Jo Ann Herron as a gift to William Mizelle

Deborah Strayer who donates books almost monthly

Ann Myott

Linda Nordstrom - Sponsor

Metafawn M. Cockey

Edna Denton - Sponsor

Freddy A Gray

Germaine Miller


Melody Raposa for the frequent donation of ink cartridges

Peggy Harrell who gathers up book donations in a neighboring county

Crystal Moore
Andy Revie - Sponsor
Lucy Burnette, in honor of the birth of Minerva Betty
Marcia Mueller in memory of Pixie
Mary Jo Melancon  
Debra Casebere who donates shipping supplies
Carol Paluch 
Phil Mann
Susan Price who donates shipping supplies

Lawrence Magee