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Living with a Blind Cat




In November 2012 I was contacted by a gal who was looking for a temporary home for her blind male cat.  The family had fallen on hard times and needed to place all of their animals in foster care, while they fixed up the farmhouse on the family farm and got on more even footing.  They had rescued Jonesy 6 months before, but had not been able to afford veterinary care for him.  Jonesy and the plight of this family touched my heart, so we are now loving him like our own until he is able to rejoin his rescuers.  Jonesy acts like a novice might perceive a normal blind cat acting but his problems extend beyond mere blindness.  His walk is more like a crouch than a walk, and he never has his head or tail "up."  He bumps into things, and never jumps up or down from furniture.  He has multiple health issues:  arthritis, a ruptured retina in one eye,  blood pooling under the other eye, a galloping heartbeat, and hyperthyroidism.  Jonesy is now on four different medications while we work to get his health as good as excellent veterinary care will allow.

Update on Jonesy:  In the beginning of June 2013 Jonesy's family was able to take him home again!!!  He had a new place to adjust to, at the farmhouse in VA, but the family was glad to have him back and was very appreciative of the help we were able to give their sweet, damaged boy.   We wish them all well.


Such a sweet, sweet face,