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Joshua's Story:

Two years ago I saw an ad from a rescue group looking for someone to adopt Joshua, a five-month old blind kitten.  Having grown up on a farm and having experience with numerous animals, including some with special needs, I decided that I could provide the special care needed.  When I contacted the rescue group I learned that I would have to take Jeremy, Joshua's brother who acted as his eyes.  I also learned that these were feral kittens found living in a dumpster .  The vet who  provided their initial medical treatment said they were a "handful" and had concerns about domesticating them.  I wondered how I was going to not only train a blind cat but tame two feral ones.  I soon discovered that the lessons were mine to learn.  Although spiritedenergetic and slightly distrusting of humans, both my feral kittens tamed down quickly and responded to the love the surrounds their existence with the other animals in the house.  Joshua does not know that he has a handicap and lives life to the fullest.  Jeremy, who has sight, is quieter and less active than his blind brother.  Joshua is a ball of energy and the most adventurous of all the animals who share his space.  I always tell visitors that the world would be a better place if they took lessons from Joshua.  If he runs into walls, he just picks himself up and starts over.  He doesn't know there is a difference between him and his brother and sister who are dogs.  He loves everyone equally.   Both Jeremy and Joshua have added a tremendous amount of love and companionship to my life, but I have been especially blessed by the lessons on life that I have learned from Joshua. 

Bonnie Sauer
Westminster, Colorado