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On 12/2/08 we took in geriatric "KITTY" who was going to be surrendered to animal control because his owners wanted to travel. (Can you imagine!) Kitty is 14 years old and had been an inside/outside cat. So far we have found Kitty to be a delightful but quiet and mostly sedate fellow. He came to us with a sore on his nose, for which he received antibiotic ointment and oral medication. Blood tests revealed that he has hyperthyroidism and we are in the process of deciding whether medications or a radioactive iodine treatment would be best for him. At first Kitty would join the other boys in their "tinkle wars" but after Kitty became familiar with the Magoo Room we allowed him to venture out to the courtyard, and the inside spraying has stopped. Hooray! His integration into the Magoo Room has been very smooth and we are delighted to have our new resident.

Update on Kitty:  In January 2009 we took Kitty to a specialist for radioactive iodine treatment after which he did very well and added a bit of weight.  In July 2009 he was diagnosed with kidney failure and began a course of sub-cu fluids to help support the kidneys.  Kitty is an absolute dear and VERY cooperative about receiving his fluids.  He is a sweet mellow fellow who is enjoying his senior years at a slow pace.
Update March 4, 2010    Although Kitty had his sub-cu fluids last night, he produced no tinkle by mid afternoon.  A quick trip to the vet and a blood test confirmed that his kidneys were no longer producing urine.  Cradled with his head over Barbara's arm, Kitty was quietly sedated and his life was ended.  My sweet boy, with his calm demeanor and ready purr, has joined the Whiskered Angels in the backyard.  We were so fortunate to share just over a year with this darling cat.  I wish it had been longer.



Kitty taking a cat nap in the sun. A close up of that sweet face - sweet dreams!

Kitty checking out the Magoo Room. Kitty exploring the Magoo Room.


Kitty taking a cat nap on the counter.