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With the passing of Peanut and Mootang, we felt that we had room for a few more geriatric cats from the local community.  On February 3, 2008 we took in Mr. Bright Eyes, more commonly known as KITTY BOY.  His previous owner was elderly and headed for a nursing home, probably staying at home longer than he should have, out of concern for his two cats.  We adopted the older one, Kitty Boy, a soon-to-be 15 year old cat with a sweet, gentle disposition.  He has an unusual face in that the whiskers on one side are black and the whiskers on the other side of the face are white.  His paws are something else though!  Kitty Boy is polydactil and has the most enormous front paws, almost like mitts.  We have started Kitty Boy on vitamins and Cosequin, as we can tell by his gait that his body feels old.  His previous owner was a man, and Kitty obviously prefers male company.  Joe is stepping up to the plate giving this old guy the male companionship to which he is accustomed.  With a little luck we might have a few years yet to enjoy this mellow fellow.

While there was nothing special wrong with Kitty Boy, except for a case of gingivitis, which was being treated with pulse antibiotics, he got to a point in June where he began to fail to eat properly.  A steroid injection and sub-cu fluids helped short term, but by August it was obvious that short-term support was not going to change his appetite.  We felt that, like Peanut, Kitty Boy, AKA Mr. Bright Eyes, was telling us that his time had come.  On August 25, 2008, our caring vet helped Kitty Boy join our crew of Whiskered Angels



Kitty boy posing pretty for the camera!