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LITTLE BIT and his half-sister, Baby Girl  were also found listed on Petfinder, as a courtesy listing from the Norfolk, VA area, in early 2004.  A woman had been taking care of Baby Girl, the offspring of one of her cats, when a neighbor found Little Bit, several weeks old, in her backyard and passed him along to Baby Girl’s owner, thinking they were one and the same kitten.  Since both cats had similar coloring and were born without eyes, it was a natural assumption.  However, this was a busy household, with many animals, and the husband wanted these two cats put down.  Fortunately, the courtesy listing attracted our attention, and we adopted both before that could happen.  Little Bit is a lanky boy, who would love to love all the other cats in the Magoo Room.  He is gentle by nature, but is not fond of being held.  Shortly after he came to us, I found blood in his urine and promptly visited the vet.  Treatment with antibiotics did not cure the problem and further testing was necessary.  Little Bit had a bladder stone that had to be removed, and surgery was performed along with a neutering.  He quickly recovered, his appetite improved, although he is still a slender cat, and he now seems very comfortable.  Little Bit loves to spend his days outdoors in the courtyard, or sleeping in the cradle.  His favorite sport is to chase his lady love, Bella, who will have no part of him.  Ever the optimist, Little Bit, continues to pursue her, despite being rejected.  Someday we hope to see him win her over.

Little Bit's needs (food and litter) are being sponsored by Susan Garvey, of Winterville, NC.  Thank you Susan for helping care for The Magoo Room cats!



Buddy, Little Bit and Jackson hanging out together.

Little Bit saying "cheese" for the camera! Little Bit posing like a centerfold. 
Little Bit laying in the window snoozing.

Little Bit snoozing, not bothered by the adding machine.