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  Blind cats, that is, cats that have only lost their sight, and have no other problems, are VERY easy to live with.  They are strong and capable.  It is considerate not to rearrange your furniture.  It is important to keep the lids down on toilets, and not to allow blind cats near a full bathtub or poisonous plants.  The precautions you would take for a toddler are similar to what you would do for a blind cat.

  Blind cats must NEVER be allowed to roam free outdoors.

Cats who are born without eyes, frequently have some other birth defect.  In Magoo’s case, it was her liver.  Of our other cats born without eyes, Baby Girl likely has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Little Bit has had a bladder stone, and Tinkerbell may have some kidney problems.  These are all relatively young cats.  I cannot say for sure that all of these problems are related to birth defects, but the vet agrees that other birth defects can be associated with cats born without eyes.  Potential problems should be discussed with your vet, so you can be prepared to deal with these problems emotionally and financially. 

Other cats may become sightless, due to injury or infection.  These cats are no more likely to have problems later in life than the average population.  However, if your cat has brain damage due to injury, you are likely to have more problems associated with the brain damage, than with the blindness.  A vet in whom you have great confidence would be a good find!

If you are considering keeping or adopting a blind cat, PLEASE give it careful consideration.  Can you commit to lifelong care for this animal?  The older a blind cat gets, the less easily it can adjust to a new family and living arrangement.

Click here to view blind cat success stories.  Kind individuals who have opened their hearts and homes to blind cats have chosen to share those joys with us.

If you would like help or advice with a blind cat or if you'd like to share your story about the wonder of living with a blind cat, contact us at bmiller@themagooroom.org.