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Living with a Blind Cat




Max’s Story:  Anything is Possible


This is Max. He was a gray cat that showed up at my house one day and stayed. He started getting glaucoma when he was 8. Lost one eye then the other one started going. I took him to the vet to be put to sleep. She asked why. I said how can a blind cat live and function? She said cats do better than dogs do so he had the other eye out and sutured shut. The only problem he had was the vet shaved his whiskers on one side so he would run into the wall going down the hallway cause he couldn't tell where it was. When his whiskers grew back he was fine. He was amazing. He went out the cat door, used his litter box on the back porch, found his food. The only special thing I did was put a stair so he could get on the bed. He had a hard time judging jumping. He was just normal.

Unfortunately kidney disease caught up with him when he was 13 and he went to that big playground in the sky. I am a nurse and I see the difficulty people have with handicaps. But Max taught me that anything is possible.