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In March 2013 a friend told me about a very depressed-looking cat that was being housed with a local groomer.  "Maxie's" owner had died and his body was not discovered until 3 days later--with Maxie sitting on his lap!  Animal Control brought Maxie to the groomer to feature for adoption.  When I heard this touching story, I volunteered to get Maxie through the period of mourning provided that Cora, the groomer, would promise to take Maxie back again. (Cats can mourn themselves to death, and in the past we have had two cats that had to be on sub-cu fluids daily for a month until they got through the period of mourning.)  Then I found out that Maxie's owner had died a month earlier and she should have been past any depression.  Having volunteered to work with this cat I brought her home for evaluation.  Between Dr. Wyatt's investigation of Maxie's past, and our combined observations, we found that Maxie is not 7 years old as previously thought, but 12 years old.  She has spinal arthritis, lumbar sacral instability, anemia, and needed a dental. Obviously Maxie was not adoptable, so we kept her.  Maxie sounds like boy's name so we changed her name to Maxine (the name of our very first cat back in the 1960's.)  At first Maxine was slow to accept me, but with time she has stopped her irritated vocalizations, and finally does sweet head bumps of affection.  She is on regular pain medicine which she seems to DEMAND every other day.  Do you get the idea that this kitty has a feisty personality? The best thing we have done for Maxine, in her opinion, is to buy a large blue kitty tower for her exclusive use.  She has claimed it for her own and beware to any who dare to trespass.  Whatever makes her happy is exactly what we want for her. 

Welcome home Maxine!


Maxine playing peek-a-boo. Surveying her domain!