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Meet the Miller family critters.  What a lucky bunch of canines and felines they are!

What a sad boy Amos was when he

first came home with us.

That didn't last long!

Moira when we first adopted her. 
Skin and bones and precious little fur.
That didn't last long either!

Titus, our three legged cat, shortly after his surgery. Titus, as he is today, relaxing in the sunroom.


Buddy, who usually keeps company with

the Magoo Room cats.


In memory of our fur family who  have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  They are missed. Lulu, our little "Rottie" cat.  Lulu crossed the Rainbow Bridge
in December 2008.  She is missed.

Gladstone, the boss, riding the vacuum. Gladstone snoozing on the vacuum.

Pittsburgh, our handsome old man.

Wonder, our petite gal, playing

peek-a-boo with the camera.

Zoro, the "Grandpa" of the Miller clan, taking
a cat nap with some foster cats and kittens.
Jackson joined the family Christmas, 2006. 
Once a biter, now a real love bug!
Jackson helping Barbara at the computer. Oh - I'm sorry.  Am I in your way?