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MINNIE is a local rescue who came to us bony and very sick with a herpes infection.  Patti Allison fostered her for a few critical days until we were available to take her.  Despite devoted care, Minnie has ended up with significant scarring on her eyes, and has frequent bouts of a herpes outbreak, which makes her almost unadoptable.  The rescue group for which we foster is still trying to find Minnie a home, as her scarred eyes do not hinder her from being the BEST soccer player in the house.  She can chase balls and toys with great accuracy, and is a sweet, loving, and charming little lass.  If an adoption to the general public does not come about, Minnie will join us permanently.   Goodness knows we love this little gal.

UPDATE ON MINNIE - November 2007:  We tried to place Minnie for adoption through the rescue group to which she belonged, but people would take one look at her eyes and say “Eeeew.”  Poor little dear—they didn’t realize what a treasure she was and the appearance of her eyes just put people off.  It was no problem to us and we were delighted to change Minnie from “foster” to “permanent.”

Minnie watching water drip in the sink -
fresh, cold water is the BEST!
Practicing the part of Maria in West Side Story! 
Who's the pretty girl in the mirror there?


Minnie is just too pooped to pop after helping Barbara with book sales, so she found the perfect spot for a cat nap!