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MORDECAI was a intact local cat whom the police had seen lying in a ditch for three days. He was dehydrated, malnourished, flea & mite bitten, had a hemotoma on his ear and had been hit by a car.  One pupil was dilated, the other eye was cloudy, sunken, crooked and infected.   He spent a week in the vet's office before we were finally able to bring him home.   At that time we discovered that Mordecai was incontinent of bowel and bladder.  His tail was damaged and had to be surgically removed.  Mordecai seems to be taking a long time to heal and perk up.  It will be many months before we know if the nerves in his hind end will heal enough for him to have bowel and bladder control, but he is ours, no matter what lies ahead.  One look at this fellow tells you that he has had a hard life, and who could resist giving him a chance at a life of leisure, where he never again needs to worry about having food, safety, sunshine, and friends.  Welcome Home, Mordecai!

UPDATE on MORDECAI:  Mordecai has continued to be incontinent of bowel & bladder.  Over a period of time most of the cats became hesitant of being near him, and we found that they ceased to use the courtyard when he was outside.  In the fall of 2006, we put another cat door through the wall of the house and built a small courtyard for Mordecai's exclusive use.  He has an apartment to himself inside also.  His wounds have healed and the sunken eye was removed.  Mord has put on a few pounds and is quite a chunky boy today.  He still has the personality of a street-wise cat, but is a darling when he gets his bottom bathed.  We are sure he knows we are only here to help him, and he returns the love with head butting.  Once in a while he even purrs!

January 1, 2008 update on Mordecai.  Mordecai visited the emergency clinic today for chronic constipation.  Before doing an enema, the vet  wanted to do an x-ray to confirm her diagnosis.  The x-ray revealed 20 bb's in his body, in just the area that was x-rayed.  Some cruel human must have used him for target practice before he came to us.  I am SO grateful Mordecai is with us and not still on the streets!  My poor boy!

On 2/7/09 we lost our dear Mordecai.  He had always been subject to infections due to his incontinence, but he began to pass more blood than usual with his urine.  He spent several days at the vets, where it was thought he had an infection in both his bladder and kidneys.  However, at the emergency clinic where he was transferred for the weekend, additional blood testing was done and unusual cells were found.  When Mord began have trouble breathing, he was euthanized.  An autopsy revealed that he had no normal bladder tissue left, he had a large aggressive invasive tumor in his bladder, there was oozing into his stomach, and he had an enlarged heart.  He had had the best of care, but nothing would have saved him.  I'd like to think that during the few years we had Mordecai, he knew how much he was treasured.  I will always remember my sweet boy who would hang over the edge of the sink, ever so patiently, while I bathed his bottom each day.  He required more care than most cats, but he trusted more than most, and I loved him for it.  I always will.  Mordecai is buried in his courtyard, in his favorite sunny spot. 


Mordecai coming out for a breath of fresh air. Mordecai strolling in his private courtyard.