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MUSETTE came to us at approximately the same time that we received Minnie.  A pit bull had carried Musette home to his owner, knowing that the kitten would be cared for.  Moose (as she was originally named) had experienced some unknown trauma as her tail and ear were missing.  (Because there were already maggots on the ear, it was obvious that the pit bull had not done the damage.  Good dog!)  Like Minnie, Musette became a foster until she was healthy enough for adoption.  However, when she and Minnie went to PetsMart together, Musette found the change too frightening and she would hide under a blanket and not want to be seen.  We think whatever trauma she had encountered caused her to be shy of new people and situations and once again, we kept this sweet, but unadoptable girl.  She is not blind.

Thank you to Andy Revie for sponsoring Musette!


Musette making friends with one of the
Magoo Room residents.
Musette enjoying the wonders of Christmas time!