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Niblick's Story: 

Almost 20 years ago, my husband called me to tell me to meet him on the golf course where he was finishing up a round.  I showed up to find him holding a brown box.  He said, "I found a baby kitten."  Inside was the cutest little orange kitten about 8 or 10 weeks old, healthy and full of energy.  We brought him home and Niblick has been part of our family ever since.   [He was named after a golf club...at least that what's my husband tells me!]
A few years ago Niblick was diagnosed with thyroid problems and some kidney issues but he kept going strong.  He just had to take some medicine every day.   Then one day last year I heard a loud thump and I looked up and realized he had fallen off of the top of our stairs all the way to the tile bottom floor.  Luckily there was a shopping bag sitting in the exact spot he hit.  I frantically ran to him and he stood up and walked away seemingly fine, but that was when I realized he going blind.  Within a few months he was completely blind.  The Vet said it was probably because of his Thyroid problems.   I was so upset.  How was this little guy going to manage blind.  He was 19 years old at the time.  I worried he wouldn't be able to manage and feared this would signal the end of his life.  Boy was I wrong!  
That was a year ago and he is still going strong.   It took him a little while to figure things out.  And for us to figure out how to make it easier for him.  But frankly, we didn't do much.  He figured it out all by himself.  He finds his litter box and his water bowl without a problem.  He smells whenever I get any kind of cat food out and finds his way into the kitchen to fight for his fair share with the other cats and if they get too close to his plate, he will smack them.  He even finds his way onto our laps for a good snuggle.   All we had to do was keep the door closed to the upstairs although I wouldn't be surprised to find out he has figured that out too!  But I won't be taking any chances on that!   I am so amazed how well he has done.  He is about to celebrate his 20th birthday in a few months and I am so glad to still have him as part of the family.  His blindness is not even an issue anymore.   He's just part of our family and stills he curls up with our other kitties like he always did.  I am not even sure they realize he is blind.  How would they?  He's still just one of the gang! 
New Jersey!