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NUBBIN  came to us from Kentucky in late September 2007.  A delightful volunteer, in a wheelchair, no less, flew with Nubbin on two separate flights to bring him to NC.  How is that for dedication!  No, Nubbin is not blind, but he had been placed for adoption and returned due to having slight bowel incontinence.  Especially when stressed, Nubbin has a “smeary” bottom.  I had first thought that Nubbin would be a good companion to Mordecai, who is totally incontinent, but he is a very active cat, and we found that at least at this time he should not be confined to the smaller area that houses Mordecai.  Nubbin loves to run, jump and explore.  Perhaps as he ages and settles down a bit, he and Mordecai will become pals, but for now he has a safe home.  He must think so too, because he is now a member of the Clean Kitty Club, bottom & all!

Nubbin napping on a cat tree. Nubbin playing peek-a-boo from inside a box.