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Living with a Blind Cat




The second cat who came to us from VA in January 2005 was ORACLE, an orange tiger male with exceptionally blue, unsighted eyes.  He was only a year old and a delightful, but shy cat.  We quickly won him over with patient, quiet, loving and he became an absolute delight.  He got along well with all the cats and had the fun and zest of a young cat.  One day in March, when I was giving the morning treats, I noticed that Oracle had not come for breakfast.  I went out to the courtyard to find him dead under the cement bench.  I should have had an autopsy done, but didnít realize how inexpensive they can be.  The vet has suggested that Oracle could have had cardiac problems, heartworm, which takes cats suddenly, with no warning, or he could have died of anaphylactic shock after a bite.  I wish we had had Oracle longer as he was such a sweetheart. 

I wish I had had an autopsy done. 

I wish his first owners had cared for him properly.  I wish, I wish. . .