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By October 2004 we decided to act on our thoughts of taking in geriatric cats until the sanctuary filled with blind cats.  We had heard of a 14 year old obese cat who had been given up by her owners, along with its housemate, another large 8 year old cat.  We fostered the 8 year old cat, until he was adopted, but kept PEANUT.  Both cats were severely depressed, not eating,  and losing weight, so we got a first-hand look at how unsettling it is for animals to be surrendered.  Fortunately, with good supportive veterinary help and care, both of these cats eventually became happy, loved pets.  Peanut has a small frame that has not carried her 13 pounds well.  Her elbows bow out and she waddles when she walks, which she does as little as possible.  Arthritis has set in, and Peanut is not comfortable, except when she is lying down.  Peanut spends most of her days and nights on our bed where she is the princess of the house.  The personal cats defer to her position on the bed and she expertly moves out of the way when we tidy the  bed in the morning.  Peanut is on Cosequin daily for her arthritis, and is given sub-cu fluids every five days for chronic renal failure.  She is a beautiful blue eyed dilute tortie, who remains in the main portion of the house where she can walk on carpeted floors.  Each day we carry her to the far back hallway and race her back to the bedroom.  It is her only exercise, and she really cannot race.  Partway down the hallway she must lie down and rest.  Itís okay Peanut, when I am 98 (14 cat years) I wonít be running anywhere either.

At a few months shy of 17 years of age, our dear Nana kitty, Peanut, passed away, November 23, 2007.  She had given up eating, and after a final visit to the vet to make sure we were not overlooking any solvable problems, Peanut was euthanized.  Euthanasia is never an easy decision, but in this case we felt that Peanut herself,  had chosen her time.  We only insured that she did not suffer.   Goodbye Miss Pea, our bed will seem empty without you!



Peanut sleeping in a ray of late afternoon sun. Peanut drinking in the kitchen.