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PEEPERS was the first resident of the Magoo Room, upon its completion in December 2003.  She had been living with a vet tech who fostered for an animal group in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  In July 2002, Peepers was found as a stray along the side of a highway, in poor health, with a severe eye infection.  The vet tech nursed her back to health, but her sight could not be saved.  Peepers spent the first year of her life with the vet tech, but needed to be placed elsewhere in order to make room for more foster kittens.  Fortunately, we found Peep listed on Petfinder and soon brought her home to us.  She is a wonderful, affectionate, sweet natured cat, who has found her niche in her own adopted cat family.  She is the mom, Buddy is the dad, and Sugar Plum is the son.  The three can often be found sleeping on the bed, or on the desk together.  They groom each other, snuggle closely, and behave as if they really were related!

On Thanksgiving Day, 2010, I dished up some canned food for the Magoo Room cats, and when I carried it to the back deck, I found Peepers, who had apparently died sometime during the night.  This was quite unexpected and although Peepers was still haunted by the herpes virus that took her eyesight as a kitten, she seemed to be a sturdy, active, loving cat.  The next day Joe took her body to the vet for a necropsy where Dr. Wyatt found that Peep had a small (undersized) heart that was thick on the inside and did not pump blood efficiently.  Our dear Peepers probably died of a fatal arrhythmia.  The unexpectedness of this loss made it more difficult to accept.  We brought Peepers home again and buried her with the rest of our whiskered angels.  Goodbye sweet girl.  You will be sorely missed.


Peepers and Buddy - what a great "couple"! Peepers and Buddy sleeping in the high chairs.

Peepers and CJ taking cat nap together.

Peepers and Nutter Butter relaxing

in the Magoo Room courtyard.