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In January 2013 Princess came to us.  Her mom had serious health issues and was no longer able to care for her.  A family member brought Princess to us and we welcomed her with open arms--she is a darling, talkative lady.  Princess has old eyes and walks slowly, but she is very much a part of our daily lives.  Despite being an "only cat" in the past, Princess gets along beautifully with all of the other cats.  She does not jump up much, but we have plenty of low level beds to keep her cozy and warm.

 Update:  Early on Princess had a dental and complete blood work, and in June had  an ultrasound which revealed an irregularity with her liver. She started a course of vitamins, an appetite increaser, as well as two other alternating medicines.  By mid July she stopped eating.  I took her to the vets office and met a lovely new vet, who was not familiar with Princess.  I asked that she be put on fluids and kept overnight until Dr. Wyatt, who was well acquainted with Princess, returned the following day.  With my advance permission Dr. Wyatt helped Princess to the Rainbow Bridge.  I am sure that there were liver problems, but basically I felt like Princess little body was just tired.  She was ready to say goodbye to us.  Sweet girl, the short time you were with us was wonderful.  Thanks for the love you gave.


Princess enjoying some lap time. A drink at the bar!