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RAIN came to us from a shelter in PA during March 2006.  He had been taken by his owner to be neutered and declawed, and had to be revived during the operation.  He came out of it blind.  After a time, due to personal circumstances, the family had to surrender Rain to a local no-kill shelter where he was lovingly cared for, for many months.  Volunteers had identified Rain as having episodes, when he looked upward and screamed, which they understandably thought were a blind cat's fear responses to new noises, people, activity, etc.  Unfortunately, after we adopted Rain, we soon recognized that these were seizures.  Left untreated, they had done additional damage to his brain.  We tried increasing dosages of phenobarbitol to control the seizures, and were mostly, but not completely successful.  However, the high dosage rendered Rain very sedate and inactive.  He was seldom on his feet, and did not use the litterbox.  Food and broth had to be brought to him and placed under his nose and he appeared not to enjoy human or feline companionship.  We felt that there was no longer any quality of life for our dear orange boy, and brought him to the vet for his final journey.  We only had Rain for a brief time, and mourn his passing.  He was a lovely boy upon whom fortune did not smile.