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Raymond's Story


Raymond came to live with us last November.  It was a very cold winter day and Ray showed up at our back door.  He was very cold and very thin, but very dear.  I was at work and the kids called me to say that a cat was on the back porch.  They brought the cat inside, and wanting to keep him, they gave him a bath.  Ray sat quietly through the bath.  The kids then went to the store to get him some food, and then they cleaned their room, hoping I would let them keep him.  After he had been in the house for an hour or so, my oldest daughter called to say that she thought something was wrong with the cat's eyes.  I am a nurse so I told her that since he was outside he might have an eye infection, and I would look at him when I got home.  When I came home I examined him, and it did look like he was blind.  I took him to the vet the next day and found out that he had been born without eyes.  We quickly fell in love with Ray and kept him, although we did scan the papers to see if someone was looking for him, but I secretly hoped that they weren't.  I don't know how Ray survived outside for as long as he did.  We live in the city.  The vet said he was approximately 8 months at the time, and when we found him he weighed just 5lbs.  He is now a whopping 14lbs and loves to eat.  We also recently got him a companion kitty who is still a kitten (4 months old), but they are the best of friends.

Cari Gage
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania