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Rioís Story


Summer of 2011 my husband was working at an apartment complex and went to pick up what he believed was trash. Once he got up close he realized that it was actually a TINY orange tabby. My husband immediately called me and told me the kitten was so young it's eyes had not even opened. I went to pick the kitten up right away and realized that his eyes were severely infected. I took the kitten to the vet with no intention of keeping him but after he snuggled up against my arm I was in love. My husband came home that night to Rio curled up in my slipper.

About a year ago we made the decision to have Rio's eyes surgically closed. The vet told us that he had tiny eyeballs but they had ruptured and were causing massive infections. If we did not close his eyes he would live the rest of his life having to be treated multiple times a day with eye drops and liquid drops.

Rio has become such a huge part of our family. Every night I come home he rolls over on his back for a belly rub and just purrs and purrs. We were afraid of taking on a blind cat but have no regrets. He goes anywhere in the house he wants to go and gets along with everyone and everything. He is an absolute joy. I highly highly recommend adopting a special needs cat to anyone.