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A beautiful, slender calico girl, RUBY came to us as a result of a family divorce.  There were nine cats in the household, but six had to be re-homed.  As of early 2009 Ruby is eleven years old, a few years younger than we would normally take a "geriatric" cat.  However, this turned out to be a good choice, as Ruby has some physical problems that would make her unadoptable.  She has licked her sides to the point that she has little hair just above her hips, and at the base of her tail.  This is likely to be caused by stress or pain.  Her first blood test seemed to indicate pancreatitis, but more definitive testing ruled that out.  It now seems that Ruby has irritable bowel problems or lymphoma.  We have started her on steroid injections, her appetite has improved, and she seems more calm.  Our little Ruby is only six pounds and quite shy.  After a brief stint in the master bathroom where we could monitor Ruby's food intake, she is now on the sunny porch along with another shy cat, Dixie, who we are fostering.  It seems to be a good match as the girls are getting along well, but are undisturbed by the more boisterous cats.



Ruby surveying her domain from the palladian window.  She may be a senior, but she's still got some spring to her step!