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Although we would prefer not to accept very young kittens, when they reside in this county, and the choice is euthanasia, we make an exception.  SABLE was one of these.  She was a gorgeous, long-haired black six week old kitten that was turned over to us from the local wildlife rehabilitator in August 2006.  Sable had horribly infected eyes and was immediately started on oral antibiotics and eye ointment.  After a while the vet sewed buttons on her eyes, to keep the lids closed, in an attempt to preserve as much good tissue as possible.  One eye especially was still crusty, and on a Wednesday the buttons were removed.  The vet thought if we could just make it through the next 2 weeks, Sable would be old enough to operate on.  But that was not to be.  On Friday, Sable started to hiss and growl as if she were being confronted by monsters.  The on-call vet prescribed Phenobarbital to get us through the night, and at 7:30 Saturday morning we were able to see the vet who knew Sable's history.  The diagnosis was not good.  Sable had encephalitis and had to be put down.  She was a danger to us, and to our other animals.  Even the vet had to handle her with huge padded leather gloves--her personality had changed that much.   Our sweet girl did not have rabies, as later tests proved, but there was still no saving her.  Even though she was with us a very short time, we miss the ball of fluff with the elegant name to match her elegant body.  SABLE.