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In February 2013 a rescue group from the next county contacted me to see if I would take a cat that had been owner surrendered.  She was a 10-12 year-old tortie with cataracts that severely affected her ability to see.  We felt she was a perfect fit for our kitty population and soon she was delivered to us.  We selected Sasha as her new name, as her old name was not listed in any available record.  Sasha learned her new name in a remarkably fast time, and fits with the rest of the kitties beautifully.  We had a short period of adjustment when she didn't care for me much as I was giving her medicines for a week or two, but now that the medicines are a thing of the past, so is her hesitation around me.  Sasha is sweet, affectionate, and easy going.  She had a cyst on her kidney that was drained in March, but we will have to watchful of a recurrence in the future.  Meantime she is so comfortable with us, you would never know that she is a recent arrival.  She's a real sweetheart!