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SASSY came to us from a town about an hour away.  His human mom went into assisted living and 3 other pets found homes.  Sassy, however, was eliminating outside the litterbox and was seen as less desirable.  There is no shortage of mops and paper towels at The Magoo Room, so we welcomed this sweet geriatric cat with open arms.  Sassy is 15 years old, and a darling, large, neutered male Siamese.  He has a lovely, calm nature, a singing voice that closely matches Grandma Tabitha's, and an adorable drooly mouth with only a few teeth.  A quick visit to the vet confirmed teeth issues, but nothing requiring extractions or cleaning.  I suspect that he will continue to have dental issues requiring occasional pain and antibiotic medications, but that's okay--we are here to serve!  And yes, Sassy is sighted, but as the Millers age, our appreciation for geriatric cats, sighted or not, increases.   We are willing to do kitty hospice and nursing home care.   Whatever you require.  Welcome Sassy--it's time for you to be spoiled.


I am sad to report that on October 13, 2012 we lost Sassy. He was diagnosed with renal failure in September. We tried a course of IV fluids for 24 hours at the vet, followed by sub-cu fluids and medications at home, and then another course of IV fluids for 48 hours at the vets. We could get his "test results" to improve, but he still had very little appetite. While at home he had taken to hiding behind a sofa, which was not usual for this gregarious fellow. I felt he was telling us it was time, and the vet helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. Sassy was such a big, beautiful, sociable cat and he (and his voice!) will be missed. It would have been nice if he had been like Grandma Tabitha, and lived to be 20, but at 16 hed had a full life. Id like to think he is with his first "mom" now.

Sassy - a true Sue Grafton fan! Sassy sweet talkin' to the camera.