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Shadow's Story

Greetings - I was 'surfing' the net, for stories about living and feeding blind cats and I came across your site.  I'd love to share my sweet boy, Shadow's, story. 
I left a long term relationship just over a year ago - it was a challenging process and one of the things that made it difficult was I lost my precious dog in the custody battle.   I had been thinking about getting another pet but was reluctant to get another dog as I wasn't sure I was up to the work it would require.
About 6 weeks ago, I happened to go into a pet store that I rarely frequent.  There happened to be the most beautiful little cat there - almost instantly I became aware that he was blind.  He was actually missing one eye and the other eye was like an opal - blue and opaque looking.  He was a rescue cat and had been found wandering but little else was known about him.
I asked about him, was taken into the area where he was living and sat on the floor with him for about an hour - it was, as you can imagine, love at first sight.  I went home to consider adopting him - what it would take to care for a blind kitty, etc.  I phoned the man I've been dating, who is an avid cat lover, and asked him to go and see Shadow with me.  Of course, he fell in love with him at once but acknowledged it would be my decision.  Again, I went home - talked to my kids and a good friend who knows a lot about cats - she's the proud mom of 2 beautiful Persians.  After dinner, the 4 of us went back to the pet store to see Shadow.  All of them agreed he would fit well into our family and the next morning, Shadow came home.
It's been about 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier.  He's an amazing boy - his first day home, he moved around the perimeter of the rooms to figure out his boundaries - he knew quickly where his food and his litter box were and loves to play.  Sometimes when he gets running around (I call it the 'kitty 500'), he sometimes forgets where a wall is and crashes into it - sorry, but it is really funny to watch! 
Shadow does not know he has a disability and I will not be the one to try and tell him he does!  He's sweet and cuddly and our family is so happy we adopted him - he will always be an indoor cat but he certainly doesn't seem to mind!
Nanaimo, BC Canada