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The end of June 2012 we welcomed SKIPPY to our Magoo kitties.  Skippy is a 15 year old, blind, arthritic gal, who lost her home in the Apex area due to a family separation.   Thus far she does not seem to be suffering from any depression, and likes Joe much more than she likes me.  All he has to do is say hi to her, and she comes meowing across the room to sit at his feet.  Although Skippy's former owner took her to a vet for some basic care and tests before bringing her to us, I took her to our vet for a "well-baby" get-acquainted visit where we had additional thyroid testing done and discovered a need for a good dental cleaning.  On Monday Skippy had her teeth cleaned, a tooth removed, and a routine vaccine.  By Thursday she was having trouble breathing due to the stress of the dental combined with her heart murmur.  A few x-rays and medications later, Skippy is at home again under a watchful eye.  This has not been the best way for her to start her life with us, but I know she will be better for all this attention once she is healing well. 

Update:  Skippy has settled into her daily routine beautifully.  She is allowed in the main house both morning and night for a canned food meal which effectively disguises 2 of her medications.  Skippy has earned the name "Cranky Pants" as she sounds cranky when she talks to us.  Of course she only talks when she wants something  (like pick me up, open my door and let me in, open my door and let me out, scratch my ears, etc.)  She is actually quite the darling with a deep, ready purr, and has remained true to her current love (Joe.) 

Update on Skippy:  We lost our dear Skippy in February, 2013.  I was sick and Joe was rushing out the door to go to the pharmacy when he noticed Skippy acting strangely.  He scooped her up and brought her straight to the vets office, just in time for Dr. Wyatt to listen to Skippy's last few breaths.  Skippy had apparently thrown a clot that went to her lungs.  There was nothing that could have been done to save her.  Skippy was a dear, dear, gal whose passing has left a hole in our hearts.

Skippy lounging on the couch with Joe. Skippy exploring a bounty of presents given to the Magoo Room residents.


Mine - all mine!!