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The end of October 2009 13 1/2-year-old SNOWFLAKE came to my attention.  She belonged to an elderly woman who passed away.  Her husband surrendered Snowflake to a kill-shelter with the comment, "Now I don't have to put up with her anymore!"  The poor unwanted kitty.  It was bad enough for her to lose her mom, but now she had lost her home also.  A dedicated rescue worker delivered Snowflake to me and within 3 hours I had Snow at the vet's office.  She had sores on her neck and head, which at first we thought were from a flea allergy.  A week after flea treatment the sores did not appear to be healing and we returned to the vet to discover that Snow had ringworm--one of the worst cases I have ever seen on an adult cat.  I began oral treatment immediately but the medicine tasted awful and caused problems with Snow's throat.  Next the vet prescribed a medicine three times a day to coat the throat and esophagus.  I did not have much opportunity to bond with Snowflake before I became "The Medicine Monster."  Along with vitamins and an appetite increaser, Snowflake was receiving medicine so many times a day that she began hiding from me, and I had to crate her for the duration of the course of medicines.  She is currently off all medicines and we have begun to establish a better relationship.  Joe is doing what he can to help Snowflake (since he did not administer any medicines) but I am afraid it will be a long road as this beauty has been through so many bad times.   The old gal deserves more love than she is currently willing to accept.