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The day that we lost Zorky, the vet tech asked me if I would like to take SPARKLE, who was due to be euthanized the next day. Life is precious to me so "yes" was an easy answer. Sparkle must have been owned at one time, because her neck fur has an indentation where a collar used to be. Our best guess is that she is 14 years old. A kind couple rescued Sparkle from the streets but she did not get along with their cats. One of the vets worked on Sparkle’s health issues while trying to find a family for her (she has arthritis and is beginning to have renal issues) so Sparkle was ready to be integrated into our family. This sweet girl is a bit overweight, and has some stiffness when walking. She shares the back porch (the senior center) with Tabitha, and they are comfortable roommates. Whatever else life brings to Sparkle, she will be with us through her golden years!

Sweet Sparkle eventually was moved to The Magoo Room where she had more room to wander if she chose.  She spent most of her time inside a kitty "tent" as she did not choose to mingle with the other cats.  Consequently her weight loss was not noticed until she started "hanging out" at the water fountain.  We started sub-cu fluids and made an appointment for her at the vet's office but on March 24, 2012 it was obvious that Sparkle would not live long enough to make that appointment.  She had been at the beginning stages of renal failure when she came to the sanctuary, but it did not progress quickly, that is, until the last month of her life.  Dr. Lieder helped Sparkle on her final journey, while I stroked Sparkle's head and whispered in her ear.  She passed quickly, without pain, but she carries a world of love with her.



Sparkle taking a bit of a cat nap.