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SPENCER  joined the Magoo Room in the fall of 2006.  He was previously living at Lyons Feral Cat Guardians, Inc.  Due to health reasons, the caretaker of the rescue had to find a new home for her felines and Spencer found his way to us.  Spencer is such a love bug, he was hard to get a picture of for some time.  He sticks to Barbara like glue!  Perhaps he should have been named Velcro!  Spencer has made himself a home with the other Magoo Room residents and can frequently be found relaxing or sunning in the courtyard with one of his roommates.  Welcome Spencer to your new home!

You can read Spencer's story by visiting the Blind Cat Success Stories page.




Spencer and Nutter Butter sunning themselves. Tinkerbell and Spencer enjoying an afternoon cat nap!

Spencer with his treats and the Great Pumpkin. Spencer wrestling with the Great Pumpkin.  Who will win?!?!

It looks like the Great Pumpkin is giving Spencer tough fight. And it is the Great Pumpkin who comes out on top! J