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STELLA, came to us at the age of 3 months approximately, from our local Animal Control where she was owner-surrendered.  She is a black kitten who is completely blind, and abnormally inactive, although she purrs readily.  She has been combo tested, and received her first vaccines plus her rabies vaccine, but I suspect some problem with her health.  She has been on antibiotics, metronidazole, and medicine for ear mites but that has seemed to make no difference in her activity level.   When we complete the course of medicines and are sure that she does not have ringworm, we will allow her out of confinement.  Meanwhile I am concerned that she does not play in typical kitten fashion. 

STELLA update:  Stella has come out of her shell and begun to behave much more like a typical kitten.  She has settled in to be a sweet, affectionate kitty.  She has no fear, even of the vacuum, and loves to attack Joe's feet when he is under the covers in bed.  Stella is so very much like one of the personal cats, Wonder, that we have to remember to give attention to BOTH of them.  Only a good look at the eyes tells us which girl is which.


Stella seldom sits still for anything, much less having her picture taken.  We caught her relaxing on the edge of the tub and the edge of the couch and snapped her picture before she got going again.

Sometimes a girl just likes a quiet place to nap! Stella gets in the Halloween spirit with the Great Pumpkin.

What is this thing and why can't I catch it?