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In April we adopted TABITHA, aka TABBY, who came to us from a nearby town.  Her owner passed away and the family, while willing to care for Tabby, was unable to integrate Tabby into their dog household.  At 17 years old, Tabitha is a sociable, sighted, long-haired calico, who enjoys people and having them wait on her.  (She stands at the refrigerator and meows "Open" "Pour Milk.")  It is delightful to see how spry this little gal is at her advanced age.  She is only a bit over 6 pounds, and we are hoping that following her recent dental cleaning and teeth extractions, eating will be less painful and she will add a bit of weight.  Meanwhile she treats us and the other cats as if she were Her Highness, and we are her servants.  What great spirit!

TABITHA update:  Tabitha receives cyproheptadine to increase her appetite, as she is a thin old gal.  Except for some arthritis in her back end, Tabby is basically healthy with bright eyes.   She prefers to eat and sleep "up" away from the other cats and we don't mind complying with Her Highness's wishes.  However, once a month Tabby stops eating enough to maintain her weight, and we started a regimen of monthly steroid shots to correct this.  I am sure the  day is coming that even the steroids don't help, but until then Tabitha can be found perusing her kingdom from on high, or begging for attention at the breakfast table or refrigerator.  Now where did she get the idea that cats can eat at the breakfast table!

Tabitha lived to celebrate her 20th birthday party with a group of ladies involved with rescue.  She was gifted with special foods and toys, and while she probably didn't recognize the occasion, we certainly were glad to celebrate her longevity.  Four months later, on July 14, 2012, Joe took her to the vets to be put down.  She had lived the past three years with renal failure.  Consequently we had consulted with the vet as to when was the appropriate time, as sweet Grandma kitty (as she was known to us) could not last forever.  It was decided that when her weight started to fall, it would be time, so I watched her carefully and weighed her regularly.  Within 3 days she dropped .4 (point four) pounds and I knew it was time.  Right up to the end Tabitha had bright eyes and a spring to her step.  She enjoyed her bowl of milk in the morning and her morning massage, but there was no denying her weight loss.  I dearly loved this pint-sized treasure so Joe did me the favor of escorting her to her final vet appointment.  She is buried with our other whiskered angels in the back yard.  I would like to think that she has joyfully crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her first mom.  I hope that joy surpasses my sorrow.



Tabitha snacking on her regular cat food until she can convince someone to feed her something better!