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Terrell's Story: 

Here is the story of our beloved Terrell.  She was the only cat we've had as a family--we can't get another cat due to my husband's allergies.  Lyndsay Coats, mom to 2 boys, 3 beagles, 4 turtles and a snake, former mom to Terrell the Cat (who we used to call the Master of the House)!  
My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I found a half-starved kitten next to Auburn University's Terrell Cafeteria, and we took her home.  We decided to keep her and named her Terrell after the place we found her.  We noticed that something was wrong with her eyes and back feet and took her immediately to Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine's small animal clinic.  She saw about 12 vets that visit including many of the professors who were fascinated by her.  They confirmed that she'd been born blind and had two deformed back feet (probably from inbreeding).  She was incredibly shy at first, having been born feral on Auburn's campus, but we persisted.  We took her home, loved her and she blossomed into the sweetest, most affectionate and SMART cat.  She loved smelling everything through our screen door and could catch flying insects that got into our house.  She had phenomenal hearing too and loved to play with the plastic pull tops from milk cartons.  She could hear them land on carpet!  Everytime we moved, she could find her way all around our new home within twelve hours.  She acted just like any other cat, except that she didn't ever jump onto countertops!  She loved to play in boxes, bags and chase wadded up paper balls.  One of her only faults was that due to her phenomenal hearing, she was scared of loud noises.  We used to joke that she needed a helmet when she'd get spooked by the doorbell.  She used to run through the house looking for a place to hide and would sometimes run straight into walls or furniture.  BUMP!  She was a wonderful, nearly typical cat and we loved her immensely.  We would recommend a blind cat to anyone looking for a special cat to adopt.  

Lyndsay Coats, Harvest, AL

Terrell relaxing in true cat style! Terrell enjoying a box on Christmas morning.