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On a trip home from Florida, we picked up TERRI in Georgetown, SC, in March 2006.  She was an outside cat who had kind people looking out for her, and when they noticed she was having trouble with her vision, turned her in to a shelter where she would be safe.  We saw Terri's picture on Petfinder and thought she would might enjoy The Magoo Room.  Terri has some vision left, but it is failing, so she will be fortunate enough to learn her surroundings while she still sees.  Because she is only about 8 years old, we will have many years ahead to enjoy this gal.  She does not enjoy being picked up yet, but loves chin scratches and being outdoors. 

On September 24, 2013 Terri went to the vets for a follow-up x-ray of her lungs and she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The very next day I found her curled in her litterbox in bad condition.  I rushed her to the emergency clinic but she passed within the last few blocks to the clinic.  Fortunately I was able to pet and talk to Terri while I was driving, and I would like to think she felt and heard my loving her in her last minutes.  Terri loved the outdoors and "her" corner of the courtyard seems so very empty without her. She was not a geriatric kitty and I expected to have her for a longer period of time, but between her heart and lung problems it was not to be.  I am thankful for the time we had together--she was a great gal!




Terri relaxing in the Magoo Room garden.