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TINKERBELLE, came to us from VA, in April 2005.  We found her through a courtesy listing on Petfinder.  Her owner went into assisted living, and a dedicated neighbor took care of 6 cats for 10 months until they were all adopted.  Tink is a sweet girl who loves most to be held on her back, cradled in your arms like a baby.  She purrs deeply, and you would swear she had eyes to see love reflected back to her.  Her tiny, delicate face has a sweetness about it, and her little body seems delicate.  Tinkerbelle’s grief at losing her owner showed in her not using a litterbox for two months after she arrived at the Magoo Room.  With patience and Cat Attract litter, we were able to get her past that stage!  Tink is shy of the other cats and chooses to spend her day sleeping on the bed having us come to her to give her the adoration she deserves.  She is learning to get along with the other cats, and is enjoying having foster kitties sleep with her.  Tinkerbelle has not yet learned to enjoy the courtyard, but we hope with time she will enjoy the smell of the flowers, catnip, and sunshine.

We lost our Tinkerbelle on May 27, 2008.  In February our vet diagnosed a mass in Tinkerbelle's head and gave her 2 to 5 months to live.  In her remaining time Tink chose to sleep in a cat bed on the floor, instead of on her big double bed, and most often did not use her litterbox, but in all other ways seemed the same.  She purred readily, butted heads, and was delighted with all attention.  Tink took her medications and sub-cutaneous fluids well.  When in the last 4-6 weeks Tink lost over a pound (from an already slight body) I knew the time had come and Joe took her for her final visit to the vet.  She is buried in our fenced yard along with Molly, Zoro, Rain, CJ, Peanut, and Mootang.  Our Whiskered Angels! 


Tinkerbell snoozing. Tinkerbell licking her chops - yummy!