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Toby’s Story

It was just a regular work day at the Humane Society until a lady called saying she had a stray blind cat she had been feeding awhile. For some reason she didn't want to keep him any longer. He had been kept outside and was riddled with fleas! Later that day Animal Control brought in a 7month old kitten that had been born without eyes. My fiancé and I have been fostering orphan kittens for over 3years and decided with our experience, we were up for a challenge. Toby was a 'foster' for a whole minute before we fell in love and decided to make him part of our family forever. At first we were worried about how our four cats would react to him, how he would adjust, and if we could make his life easy enough to make him happy. Boy did we underestimate him! Within 2days Toby memorized how to get around the obstacles of the room, where the bowls and litter box were, AND even how to get on the bed! He absolutely does everything the other cats do and is exceptionally smart! To our suprise, our other cats quickly accepted him with no problem and even our grouchy anti-social cat has been caught cuddling with him periodically. He fits in just fine with his new brothers and continues to bring out the best in everyone. He is adorable, spunky, sweet, amazing, happy, and full of personality!

Toby has been a part of our lives for the past 4months now and we continue to fall in love with him more each day. He goes with us to pet store visits and anyone that meets him loves him to pieces. He is definitely an irresistible ladies man! Everyone asks how he's able to find the litter box and food, how he gets around, and they bet he takes a lot of work and patience... but the truth is, he's just like any other cat. He loves to sleep on my fiancé’s lap at night and always sits on our lap when we are on the computer. He plays like any kitten his age should play and is just as pleasurable to be around as any other cat, if not more.

The true sadness is that there are so many cats in the world that are overlooked because people can't get past their outer appearance or disability. There are just way too many homeless animals out there for people to be so judgmental. Toby has proved to us and those around him that blind cats are absolutely amazing family members that definitely deserve a chance!

Check out Toby's YouTube video online at http://youtu.be/nrpesil9kVM.

Ashleigh Fetter
Elizabethtown, Indiana



Toby in his many poses of slumber.  Ah to be able to nap like a cat!