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VALIANT was rescued by Margaret from an animal hoarder and given her name because of all she had come through, healthy and normal.  She is a lovely, affectionate, long-hair buff-colored gal who wants nothing more than to be close, touched, and adored, and she has no reservations about walking up and down in front of the computer monitor to get what she wants!.  While Valiant had some dental issues they were promptly taken care of, and she is able to eat dry food now.  She gets along beautifully with all the other kitties, and enjoys occasional forays into the courtyard.  Because she is normal and sighted, we may eventually place Valiant for adoption, but for now our main concern is to have her gain a little weight.   Not as much as Buffy though!

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Update on Valiant:  Valiant was eventually adopted by a local family with children.  They absolutely adore this pretty little girl who takes turns sleeping with the various family members.  She gets along well with the other animals in the household and much to everyone's delight, has no interest in capturing their bird.  After a rough start Valiant has her forever home and oooooodles of love! Live well sweetheart.  You deserve a future filled with only good things!

Valiant surveying her domain. Valiant playing peek a boo.