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2012 started off with a new blind cat for The Magoo Room!  Very early in January I received a call from a lady in a neighboring town who found a blind cat sitting at the edge of her mobile home.  She couldn't afford the medical care he needed and I agreed to accept him into The Magoo Room, provided he was old enough for the sanctuary.  (If he were too young, I planned to get him medical attention then return him to the finder.)  Webster, as he was later named, was in terrible condition.  Not only was he blind, 9-11 years old, declawed, and possibly deaf, he was also very sick (and someone had left him loose on the streets!!!)  I began supportive care and the next day Webster went to the vet, who started the appropriate medical care.  Two weeks on antibiotics would help her to determine if Webster had had a serious mouth/dental infection, or if he had cancer.  For two weeks Webster was an ideal patient, taking his vitamins, pills, powders, etc. in his high nutrition canned food.  Unfortunately, for 2 weeks he stayed on his heating pad, moving only to eat or drink, and seldom using the litterbox.  I had little hope that we could provide any quality of life for this boy.  At the end of the 2 weeks a return visit to the vet resulted in some hope.   Several bad symptoms were improving, he gained weight, and was a bit more alert.  Cancer was no longer thought likely.  The vet was able to get blood for thyroid testing and we are now awaiting those results.  Webster took a walk around the vet's office--more steps than I had ever seen him take.  He is back home again, in his bed, on his heating pad.  I suspect his recovery will be long if thyroid tests do not reveal an issue yet to be addressed.  Webster has been through a lot, but he seems to be enjoying having 24 hours nursing and housekeeping staff.  I am thinking positively.   Stay tuned for further updates!

May 2012:  Webster continued to have many ups and downs, with dietary problems, diarrhea, arthritis, anemia, and renal issues requiring a potassium supplement to combat  weakness in his back legs, and once again cancer became a concern.  We were able to resolve some of his health problems, only to have other problems come up.  At one point I asked the veterinarian to please tell me when it was time to have Webster euthanized as I would not be confident of when it was in Web's best interest.  On May 9, fearing the worst, I took Webster to see Dr. Wyatt for the last time.  She compassionately told me the bad news and then gave him a sedative.  While the sedative took affect I scratched Web's chin, kissed his forehead, and murmured words of love that he could not hear.  I hope he felt the vibrations of my voice.  Webster passed before the final medication was completely administered, which is an indication of what poor condition he was in.  I grieve for this pitiful poor boy that I was not able to help.  He deserved healthy time with a comfortable body, and I could not give it to him.  At least he knew safety and love as a Magoo kitty, but for me, it was not enough.