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Ziggy's Story: 

When my girlfriend and I got together three yrs ago, I met her then five yr old cat.  Named Ziggy because she zigzags around the house. Very nice mannered black, long hair beauty. And sharp!! Her sense of direction is better than an average person darn near!! Her radar around chairs, books doorways etc is amazing. She romps and plays with string with a little bell attached just like any kitten. Cleans herself, patient with other cats and kittens and knows where the litter boxes are. Just a sweet, adorable and friendly cat. And lovable? Sits on my lap in front of fireplace, purrrs, cleans and relaxes... And one interesting point about this cat is...she's blind from birth!! Yet unless you were told, I bet you probably not be any wiser...and why should you be...she's just our ordinary special kitty...Ziggy...hurrah for a smart, adorable and lovable little cat.

Nile Vincent, Benton City, Washington